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Post  Admin on March 2nd 2009, 12:02 am

[These are apart of the terms and conditions you agreed upon when signing up for the Wedding Gals Forums. If you are in violation of these rules, the Administraion and Moderators will be in their rights to take action accordingly as stated below.]

**Swear all you want... We're ADULTS.

**No personal attacks. And no attacks toward any "group" of people. You will be given warnings, but if it gets out of hand you'll be banned from the forum.

**Anyone purposely causing fights on the boards will be warned and then banned if it continues.

**No attacks/bashing based on religion, sexual preference, race, nationality, etc. or you will be banned immediately!

**EVERYONE is entitled to their opinion. But keep it NICE and appropriate!

**The Moderators are allowed to delete parts of an individual post, a whole post, or a thread in its entirety at their discretion if they feel it is in violation of one of these rules.

**Please report people who violate these rules so the mods can take care of it as quickly as possible.

~*~*Questions? See if it's already been answered in our FAQ's! The link is on the top bar, right next to the Home button. Wedding Gal Forum's FAQ's are right at the top. If not, shoot an email to the Admin!


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