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Post  WolfSpirit292 on March 6th 2009, 5:14 pm

Anyone using it or HAS used it?? I'm trying to get some more opinion. I wanted to try the Slim Quick Cleanse to jumpstart my weight loss, but they didn't have any so I bought the regular Slim Quick.

I honestly think it's starting to work already. I've known for awhile that my metabolisim is slow (so I hope that helps), but I've also known part of my problems have been water retention and hormones, which are two other trouble points it helps with. The water retention thing is where I'm seeing it start to work already. I feel noticably better, like not sluggish, and (TMI FOR SOME) I've been going to the bathroom a lot, which I can only fathom is all the extra water retention finally starting to leave my body.

Of course FH complained when I picked it up cause according to him I "don't need to loose weight" and I'm "beautiful like I am." Well, I'm not doing it to "look better," I'm doing it to feel better and to hopefully be at my "recommended weight" to help with my knee (long story, major knee problems).

So does anyone have any personal experiences with Slim Quick- be it good OR bad- they can share?

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